The Ballerina Story

The Sunset

Against The Blue Sky



"Love of Nature"

Have you ever stopped and noticed the way light has the ability to penetrate through the thickest of forests? Or the way shadows bend and extend themselves beyond our reach?

A leaf lands

delicately upon

her face.

Her arms stretch down as her fingers take turns touching the surface below, the same way a great pianist has the ability to touch our soul. A ruffle of the leaves, an echo from afar. A depth that is not measurable by the human eye. This natural world, reveals, yet somehow it remains unknown. Might we find ourselves within it, we encounter a new audience. And if you choose to listen, She will begin to whisper, rarely does She ever shout. In that moment, we find a sense of wholeness. A love that cannot be replicated..

...anywhere else. 

- j.o